Supply House

Run your entire supply house business with business central, manage your sales orders, track deliveries, customers, inventory, general ledger, AR, AP, fixed assets, payroll, and more. Ability to perform all software functions in-house or on the road, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

We will move all your Customers, Items, and vendor information into Business Central while leaving your existing software fully operational. Training then occurs in Business Central, followed by a final data move before going live.

How Business Central Benefits Supply Houses:

Advanced Inventory Management

Business Central offers sophisticated inventory management capabilities for supply houses, including tracking stock levels across multiple locations, managing warehouses, and handling a vast array of products with different attributes.

Supply Chain Management

The software facilitates end-to-end supply chain visibility, from procurement to distribution, including vendor management, purchase order processing, and automated replenishment systems to ensure timely availability of goods.

Warehouse Management

Advanced warehouse management features help optimize storage, picking, packing, and shipping processes, improving overall warehouse quality and accuracy in order fulfillment.

Additionally, supply houses dealing with regulated products, Business Central can help manage compliance with industry standards and regulations, including safety data sheets, product certifications, and traceability requirements.

Order Processing and Fulfillment

Business Central allows order processing, from quote generation to order fulfillment, including backorder management and drop shipments, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

The CRM features within Business Central help manage customer accounts, track sales interactions, and analyze purchase patterns to help with customer service and support targeted sales initiatives.

Financial Management

The software offers financial management tools, including cash flow, profitability, cost control, expenses, budgeting, and financial reporting, which are important for the financial health of any supply house. For interested parties, utilize general ledger, AR, AP, fixed assets, payroll, and more.

Pricing and Discount Management

Business Central can handle complex pricing structures, including volume discounts, customer-specific pricing, and promotional offers, which are common in wholesale distribution.

Consolidate Your Software

Eliminate double entry and support for multiple software systems. Business Central handles front-end, back-end, and accounting effortlessly.

Mobile Access Everywhere

Access all Business Central software functions from anywhere, whether you are in-store, at home, or on the road.  Unlimited free installations mean you can perform any function, anywhere, with the same username and password.

Multi-Store, Multi-Location built-in

Manage multiple stores, locations, warehouses, or storage areas from a single login. No more synchronization, all data is real-time between all locations so you can manage inventory, customers, and staff for one location or all locations simultaneously.

Modern Interface

Modern Interface: Add or remove fields and columns from any screen in the system to adapt to the way you work. Add or remove columns in any lists, to quickly see, sort, and filter any data needed. 

Connected To Excel & Other Microsoft software

While viewing a list of records in Business Central, single click to open them in Excel, edit, add equations, and send results instantly back into Business Central.

Explore our selection of optional Microsoft AppSource extensions, designed for your specific business requirements.

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