The Best ERP System 2024 by Forbes – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Selecting an optimal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is important for the success of any business. As we talk more about why Forbes picked the top ERP systems for 2024, Microsoft emerges as a prominent provider. It offers a versatile suite of software solutions designed to meet the varied requirements of businesses across all industries. Microsoft’s reputation as a stable and trusted software company is further solidified with Business Central, which is recognized for its modern Point of sale (POS) software technology and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it provides these advanced features at a cost that is more competitive than what proprietary software solutions can offer.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Best ERP Software of 2024 for Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution Businesses

This comprehensive ERP system meets the intricate needs of businesses like hardware stores, lumber and building material stores, power equipment sales and services, automotive parts and services, landscaping, lawn and garden, education supplies stores, and agribusinesses.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Stands Out

On January 4th, 2024, Forbes released an article rating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the leading competitor in the cloud ERP software category, giving it a flawless 5/5 score. This piece was written by Anna Baluch and edited by Kelly Main Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of business applications that can be accessed through the cloud or on-site, featuring ERP capabilities. It offers a variety of applications that can be utilized separately or in conjunction, offering businesses a complete solution for overseeing their operations and engaging with customers.

Forbes’ Endorsement: A Seal of Trust

Forbes Advisor Small Business team’s endorsement comes with a high level of credibility. Their unbiased, data-driven approach, examining factors like transparent pricing and third-party integration compatibility, adds to the reliability of their recommendations.

Key Advantages Mentioned:

  1. Complete ERP Solution for SMBs: Specifically designed for small and midsize businesses, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a comprehensive suite of ERP tools that are both efficient and cost-effective.
  2. Affordable Pricing: Unlike many of its competitors, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides excellent value with pricing that is lower than the industry standard.
  3. Integration with Microsoft Products: As a Microsoft product, it integrates flawlessly with other Microsoft tools, enhancing the overall user experience and productivity.
  4. Flexible Deployment Options: It offers both cloud and on-premises deployment options, catering to diverse business needs and preferences.
  5. Real-time Reporting and Dashboards: The software provides up-to-date reports and dashboards, offering insights that help in making informed business decisions.

Advanced Point Of Sale (POS) Capabilities Across Industries

Retail, wholesale, and distribution businesses find additional benefits in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Sales & Receivables: Utilize point of sale, sales orders, special orders, service orders, rental orders, e-mail customer statements, invoice auto e-mailing, and customer self-pay portal to increase sales and reduce labor.
  • Built-in Financials: Optionally utilize Business Central’s built-in financials including GL, AR, AP, fixed assets, and payroll processing for real-time accounting. Get real-time financial information and eliminate labor and mistakes when running multiple software(s).
  • Inventory & Electronic EDI: Easily manage unlimited units of measure, multiple locations, and suppliers. Perform electronic ordering and receiving with suppliers. Utilize re-orders, safety stock, sales history, and forecasting to automate inventory management

Is It Right for Your Business?

  1. Hardware and Building Material Stores: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central simplifies the sales process by overseeing all aspects, including monitoring stock, handling customer orders, and managing billing. It effectively manages extensive inventories and handles large inventories and diverse product ranges commonly found in the hardware and building materials industries. 
  2. Power Equipment Sales and Services: The system offers robust tracking of sales, service orders, and customer service history, essential for businesses dealing with power equipment sales and services.
  3. Automotive Parts and Services: For automotive parts and services, the POS system supports detailed inventory management, including tracking parts and service histories, crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and efficient operations.
  4. Landscaping, Lawn, and Garden Stores: Dynamics 365 Business Central assists in managing seasonal inventory fluctuations and customer project orders, a common challenge in the landscaping and garden sector.
  5. Educational Supplies Stores: The system caters to the unique demands of educational supplies stores, facilitating easy tracking of diverse product types and managing institutional orders effectively.
  6. Agribusinesses: For agribusinesses, the software adeptly handles the complexities of agricultural supply chains, inventory management, and customer relationship management.

Integration with Major Suppliers / Hardware Distributors

One of the key strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of hardware suppliers. This integration ensures that businesses can maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory, ordering processes, and ensure timely fulfillment of customer orders. Some of the major hardware suppliers integrated into the system include:

No.Supplier NameDescription
1OrgillA leading independent distributor of hardware products, offering a wide range of tools and equipment.
2House-HassonOne of America’s largest regional hardware distributors, serving a variety of retail outlets.
3AceA globally recognized hardware retailer known for its wide selection of hardware and home improvement products.
4True ValueA well-known hardware wholesaler with a broad range of products for home improvement and renovation.
5AgwayOffers a variety of products for lawn and garden, pet, and farm needs.
6AndersenA major manufacturer of windows and doors for residential and commercial markets.
7BaldwinRenowned for high-quality hardware, including locks, door handles, and other architectural hardware.
8Blish-MizeA full-service hardware distributor providing a wide range of products and services.
9Blue SealKnown for animal nutrition products, catering to various animal breeds and needs.
10BriggsSpecializes in engines, generators, and outdoor power equipment.
11Do it BestAn extensive cooperative of independently owned hardware and home improvement retailers.
12EchoKnown for its range of outdoor power equipment like trimmers, chainsaws, and blowers.
13HusqvarnaA global leader in outdoor power equipment for forestry, lawn, and garden care.
14NutrenaSpecializes in animal nutrition, providing feeds for pets, livestock, and horses.
15ToroKnown for its lawnmowers, snow blowers, and other landscape maintenance equipment.
16TruservA hardware wholesaler providing a variety of products and services to retailers.
Table of some major suppliers our customers are using with Microsoft 365 Business Central

Why Choose System Solutions LLC and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Modern Software Technology: Benefit from the latest in software technology, offering ease of use and a level of sophistication not possible with proprietary systems.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at a cost-effective price point, making it a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Local Support and Expertise: System Solutions LLC provides dedicated support and expertise. Reach us at our local address: 80 Eastern Blvd Ste 2, Glastonbury, CT 06033, or contact us.

Businesses in the USA and Canada can undergo a positive change in handling their retail, wholesale, and distribution activities by choosing System Solutions LLC and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is supported by the dependable and secure Microsoft technology.

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