Automatically optimize your Business Central tenant’s performance with Application Insights!

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One of the most unique offerings of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is its ability to investigate and improve its performance without you, the user, having to do anything. This incredible feature is called Application Insights and is available through a native integration between Business Central and Microsoft Azure.

When enabled Business Central securely shares key performance indicators and statistics back to Azure. That data is used to see exactly how you use Business Central and then cite, investigate, and improve performance. Rather than waiting for complaints Microsoft has engineered a way to anticipate performance issues. This allows their development team to stay ahead of bugs, slow performance, and security threats. The result is a faster, more stable retail management software.

Enabling application insights does not put any of your business’s data at risk or decrease your current performance. Application Insights is powered by Microsoft Azure, the same engine behind your data storage and protection.

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