Business Central is teaming up with Shopify!

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Business Central is teaming up with Shopify! 2

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Shopify to expand the Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem. Native integration with Shopify’s industry leading e-commerce solution will allow Business Central users full integrated access to the Shopify platform. This groundbreaking integration will increase the scope of Business Central, truly allowing users to have one hub to run every aspect of their business.

Shopify gives its users an easy to setup and easy to use e-commerce solution. Adding the comprehensive business management features of Business Central and the e-commerce functions of Shopify gives users a way to natively link e-commerce and ERP; No fussy connectors or additional software required! Shopify and Business Central will allow you to see all your data on costumers, inventory and order history in one place. This will save you countless hours when managing reports, purchase orders and more!

With native connections coming soon to Business Central, users can look forward to unlocking a comprehensive e-commerce solution at an affordable price. Contact today to learn more about Shopify, Business Central and the possibilities thanks to this groundbreaking innovation!

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