Connector benefits for True Value stores through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


We understand the specifics of a True Value Store. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business management system perfect for any volume True Value store. Business Central is a cloud based software solution, allowing you to get work done from anywhere at any time. This also allows you to use existing devices, no need for special hardware when you switch. Get work done with on any device with an internet browser

With Business Central and the True Value Updater you can:

• Pay less for a complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 System then what you currently pay for maintenance alone.
• Reuse existing Microsoft PCs and peripherals.
• Integrates with Microsoft Office, Windows-based accounting packages, and other software you are accustomed to.
• Data conversion services to move items, customers and vendors from any old system into
• Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.
• Sell, service, and rent from the same POS screen.
• Communicate directly with True Value Afaria server and Carlson Marketing True Value Customer Rewards server.
• Gold certified connection to True Value – Certified to process every available transaction including: Tiered Pricing, Carlson Marketing True Value Rewards, item maintenance, variable price changes, item images, UPC updates, sending purchase orders, Policy A claims, event ordering, promotional prices, RDC balances, Direct Ship invoices, and more.

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