Don’t Let Complicated IT Complicate Your Customer Experience

Whether you are in retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, or a service industry, you aim to deliver a delightful experience to each customer. Don’t let overly complicated processes stand in your way.

Keep It Simple

Many companies are currently using multiple softwares and disconnected systems to run their business. They use one software for accounting, another for marketing, and another for sales and inventory. Upgrading to one system that can perform all of these functions allows companies to be more connected with their business information and less siloed. This increases inter-company communication, decreases mistakes, and increases efficiency. While your customers may not directly see this happening behind the scenes, the improvements do have a positive effect on them. They may notice more personalized marketing efforts or an improved array of products, elevating their experience with your company.

Stay Mobile

Be where your customers are. If customers are walking around your store, carry a tablet so you can easily answer their questions, show them related products, or pull up their online wish list. If there is a long line at the register, bring a smart phone over to tender credit card payments and alleviate the long line. For B2B companies, having your system on a mobile device such as a laptop, phone, or tablet will allow you to easily access accurate and up to date information within seconds during meetings. Having information and being able to perform activities needed from anywhere give your customer a better experience.

Choose Easy-To-Use

Choosing the option that is the easiest to use may seem like a no brainer, but it doesn’t always happen. Some companies do not realize that their complicated back end or corporate office processes do affect the daily activities of their customer-facing employees. If employees have to go through unnecessary steps or complicated processes to do their job, then there is a better chance they get frustrated at work. To create the best experience for customers, companies need happy, fulfilled employees at all locations and levels. Sometimes making things easier is all it takes.

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