Integrate Business Central with Microsoft Flow to automate your business processes!

Integrating Microsoft Flow with Dynamics 365 Business Central automates mundane tasks to improve your workflow. Microsoft Flow is a workflow engine that integrates with many products inside and outside of the Microsoft Family of software. Flow works based off of a trigger and action chain. For example, When and item approval is requested in Business Central it can triggers an action you have set up. We could make it so when the item approval is requested you receive an email, text or push notification. Now you would be notified of and can handle your item approvals anywhere at any time.

Flow BC

Microsoft has out of the box integration for all approval processes within Business Central. You can easily add conditions for certain items, contacts and more to create the perfect process for your business. Flows can be as simple or complex as you need them to be and Microsoft provides templates to help you with the setup process. With integrations to over 100 different services, Microsoft Flow makes the services you use work seamlessly with Business Central.

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