Integrate Microsoft Azure and Business Central to help automate your business!

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Integrate Microsoft Azure and Business Central to help automate your business! 2

One of the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is its native integration with other Microsoft products. These products are all top of the line software that you already know and trust. This improves your workflow and allows you to unlock even more features and capabilities from Business Central.

Microsoft’s Azure platform is one of many programs that can be integrated to help your business processes. Azure is the automatic authentication security that protects your Business Central data from outside threats. It is also used to increase database base size if needed.

Now Business Central can work with Azure for more than state of the art security. Connecting to Azure’s Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to leverage your data to help accomplish almost anything. This makes tasks like tracking packages and up to the second inventory a possibility for all businesses.  Once set up IoT can even email you at a certain time. For example, you could receive an email when inventory on a certain item goes below a preset amount. Or you can get alerts when machines need repairs, allowing you to fix problems before they affect your business.  

Business Central is the most flexible business management solution and connecting it with Microsoft’s Azure IoT is one of the best ways to accomplish and automate tasks, saving you time and money. Contact to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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