Save time and improve business workflows with the unique features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is packed with features and benefits that you can’t find with any other competitor’s software. Business Central is known for its scalability and flexibility and has plenty of features to support it.

With Business Central you take advantage of these features:

Cloud based system – Work from anywhere on any device! All you need is computer, phone or tablet with a web browser. Open multiple windows and tabs to help you multitask in a familiar format!

Advanced Reporting – Business Central has top notch reporting capabilities. Run recurring reports automatically, and customize or filter those results. Pair Business Central with Microsoft’s Power BI to unlock even more reporting abilities.

Personalization – Pin commonly use menus to pages and bookmark pages that you visit often. You can also customize page and table layouts to only include the fields you need. Each user will have their own customizations to help improve each person’s workflows

Keyboard Shortcuts – Work faster and more efficiently by taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts. Save time while navigating the software and get what you need done faster!

Add Notes, Documents or Links to Data – You can add additional data to customers, sales orders and more in Business Central. Attach pertinent files or links. Or use this field to quickly type in some notes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has the capabilities to fit your business and improve your business processes. Whether you have one stores or ten, Business Central can adapt to you. Contact to learn more.

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