4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Embrace Cloud POS

Many retailers either haven’t considered using Cloud POS to manage their business or are skeptical about it – but why? Our lives are managed through our phones, tablets, and other devices, which almost certainly all use the Cloud. In fact, most of us access the Cloud every day, whether we realize it or not. So why not utilize something so easy, familiar, and reliable for your business needs as well as your personal activities? Cloud POS offers many benefits to retailers:


Mobile Friendly So much business is conducted on the go, even for brick and mortar retail stores. With the Cloud, managers can check sales data from anywhere with internet connection. Buyers can log in from tradeshows and view sales forecasts and budgets. Marketing and sales teams can attend events with any device, and tender payments on the spot within the POS instead of manually writing orders and then inputting them into the system at a later date and time.

Quick, Easy Implementation For retailers looking for a new POS system quickly, Cloud POS is the best bet. Finding the right system to fit your business needs can be time consuming, and the implementation process to install it on all of your devices may take longer than you planned for. This is not the case with Cloud POS, as it does not have to be installed on every individual device, making the implementation process is faster and easier.

Easy to Use Yes, learning the ins and outs of a new POS system can seem daunting. However, Cloud POS is hosted on the internet, which we are all familiar with. This makes it easy to use from all devices, as it is the same process regardless of what device is being used or what location it is being accessed from. Also, your retail business’ information will be stored on the Cloud, making it easy to pull multi-store reports or view data from any time frame.

Reliable Access If there is internet connection, retailers can do business. It really is that simple with Cloud POS. Every day, owners and managers can be confident that they can access their system, which means they can make sales, keeping customers happy.

System Solutions LLC Offers a Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Based POS Solution with all of the above benefits, and more. For more information, please email us or call 860-781-6045.

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